Pet Surgery

When your pet needs surgery, either, elective surgery such as a spay or ear crop, or necessary surgery to repair an injured limb, remove a tumor, or correct an abnormal physical condition -- the first item on the owner's list should be a veterinarian she trusts. Whenever possible, a relationship with a veterinarian should be built up over the life of the pet so there's a history of preventive care and past problems and an assurance that the clinic facilities are conducive to the animal's survival.

Veterinary medicine is as scientific as human medicine. Beach Buddies Animal Hospital uses heart monitors, modern anesthesia, sophisticated x-rays and sonograms, and well-researched surgical and recovery protocols. We have access to a wide range of antibiotics and other medications to solve or avoid post-surgical problems, and are privy to the latest research for improving our jobs and our patients' health.

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