Holistic Medicine

As more and more options are being made available in the world of medicine, it was only a matter of time before holistic medicine became a treatment option for pets as well as humans. Holistic vets are more liberal in their thinking. They have an open mind to a variety of treatments and look at the pet as a whole, without just treating the immediate symptoms. Besides medicines, treatment could include a change in the diet, taking into account the psychological and emotional states of the animal and focusing on the bond between owner and pet. There could be a number of systems used at the same time, for example, massage, homeopathy, acupuncture, and conventional allopathy. This could further be combined with a change in environment, a new diet and nutrition plan, and maybe even an extra large dose of pampering. What is important is that each pet is treated on an individual basis.

Holistic treatment is being practiced by pet owners at home, too, without consulting a vet. Though this may seem alright for simple ailments, it is always better to have a regular vet who knows your pet’s background. Some home remedies include olive oil for constipation, cranberry pills for a bladder infection, and beta-carotene as an immune-booster. However, remember the maxim that herbal does not mean harmless. If in doubt, consult your vet.

If holistic is the way you want to go for your pet, make sure you go about it the right way and, more often than not pet owners think it can be a replacement for their veterinarian and that is not the case.

Dr. Matt Hamilton from Beach Buddies Animal Hospital provides detailed information on Pet Medicine, Discount Pet Medicine, Holistic Pet Medicine, Alternative Medicine for Pets and more.

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